Winning a second term as President in most nations and situations is a challenging task. Particularly in Africa, where people are in a hurry to see the fruit of the ballot, the environment can be intriguing. As we saw in illegal miners, who are making huge monies at the expense of our natural resources and the livelihoods and health of farmers in their own communities, the emphatic second-term victory by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is refreshing.

And we wonder why the cantankerous opposition National Democratic Congress flagbearer, John Mahama, is not contesting the parliamentary results with the same venom as he is hailing the performance of his new Members of Parliament-elect on whose shoulders he precariously perched to secure his modest 47 per cent votes.

Tolerating lunacy

As the results of the presidential and parliamentary elections have revealed, there will always be those looking forward and those willing to return to ‘Egypt’ and ‘Jericho’ – like those who prefer hot cash to buy taxis by ripping apart the belly of the earth that gives us water and quality soil to produce food for citizens in our communities.

So that it does appear that the landlord of the earth is silly, the local mercenaries failed to have their way, with the truly vulnerable but well-meaning citizens, who are enthused about free, quality health and the Free SHS programme, voting to endorse progress and prosperity as well as hope for succeeding generations.

Isn’t it a crying shame that those who deceived them into that state of ‘lunacy’ are still the ones pushing hoodlums into the streets to provoke and attack policemen and other security agents, while their kids pick tickets and fly outside for the Christmas and New Year carnivals.

Yet, we must thank God and all well-meaning Ghanaians who believe in law and order, instead of the law of the jungle by which the NDC had always striven to access power.

Civil society

While the NDC continues with its plot to cause mayhem, and hope that no one would apply the hammer for political reasons, we must thank and commend our traditional leaders for refusing to be cowed by the NDC and for helping show residents in their communities the way forward, even at the risk of offending the NDC.

Every step of the way, our traditional and religious leaders have shown that they can be more patriotic than the political ‘idiots’ who make a living from fooling the youth and throwing crumbs at them.

‘Thank you’ Christmas gift

That is why it is important that we express particular thanks to all these leading opinion leaders in our society.

From the northern regions through the Middle Belt and Volta and Oti regions to the south, traditional rulers and religious leaders openly endorsed truth by lauding Nana Akufo-Addo as the candidate to vote for, on account of the selfless leadership qualities he exhibited in addressing the hydra-headed shortfalls in all sectors of our national life for the good of all segments of the population.

That appreciation and commendation should also serve as a fitting Christmas gift go to our patriotic citizens in all corners of the country who refused to be taken in by the criminal and deceptive ploys that were sold by people who had paradoxically been hailed before as ‘Excellency’ and ‘honourables’.

As we would admit, the true Ghanaian is not the leech and the mercenary, but the hardworking teacher, nurse, farmer, soldier and policeman and everyone who puts Ghana first when it matters most.

It is on this very note that the Daily Statesman wishes Ghanaians a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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