AFAG calls for independent probe into Jan 7 chaos in Parliament


The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has called for an independent probe into the incidents that marred the inauguration of the 8th Parliament.

According to a statement signed by the leadership of the group, it wants such a probe because it “does not expect Parliament to conduct an impartial investigation, so it must appoint an independent body to conduct the investigation into its misconduct.”

“The investigation should further address the issue of the deployment of heavily armed military men into the Chamber of Parliament. AFAG would want to know who sanctioned this deployment and for what purpose,” AFAG added in a statement.


Some of the specific issues AFAG wants investigated include assault on a female MP who was forcefully shoved off the chair, snatching and chewing of ballot papers by Carlos Ahenkorah, kicking of ballot box and polling booths by John Jinapor and unruly behaviour of Muntaka Mubarak and others.

In addition to this, AFAG wants the probe to also “recommend the appropriate sanctions for all actors.”

“The sanction should be in line with the standing orders of Parliament and the laws of the land,” it said.


Most of the chaos in Parliament stemmed from a stand-off between the National Democratic Congress MPs and the New Patriotic Party MPs over the voting processes for the election of a new Speaker.

The NDC insisted on a secret ballot, per law, in the belief that there were some NPP MPs planning to vote for its candidate.

For hours, scuffles broke out, led by the NDC Caucus’ Chief Whip, Muntaka Mubarak, who tried to make sure his opposing Whip was not cross-checking the ballots of NPP MPs.

At a point when the NDC MPs were unhappy with the process, they ransacked the voting areas and snatched the ballot box.

Armed military and police personnel then stormed Ghana’s Parliament to confront the NDC MPs.


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