Quack doctor gets four-year jail term

The quack doctor, David Darko

A 41-year old quack doctor has been sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for performing series of abortion in Suhum without authorization for close to 10 years.


The Suhum circuit court, presided over by Her Ladyship Diana Adu Asare, on Monday, January 12, sentenced the suspect on two counts of false pretence and illegal operations.


She slapped two and four years’ imprisonments on him for false pretence and illegal operations, respectively. They sentences are to be carried out simultaneously. She however, in her final judgment, announced that the suspect be made to serve for four years, which is the highest among his sentences.




The suspect, David Darko, was arrested over the weekend by the Suhum police after several complaints were filed to them about his operations.


According to the police, the ‘doctor’ operated and practiced as a medical doctor without legal authority, adding that it was his unsuccessful abortion operations on his victims which led to his arrest.


“Because he is not qualified and certified, anytime he performs an abortion the victims have to go for proper medical treatment elsewhere. And through this act, several cases were reported at the Suhum Government Hospital.


“However, we were already investigating him due to several complaints we received until the hospital gave us a tip off of his whereabouts and more details on his operations,” the police stated.




Meanwhile, the Suhum Police Commander, Chief Supt Joseph Owusu, has cautioned the public to stay away from illegal abortion because it’s a criminal offence, stating that the financier of the act, the victim and the operators are all guilty if they indulge in such acts.


He added, “it is either you seek the advice of medical doctors and get yourself a good doctor be to operated legally to prevent any inconveniences.”



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