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Calls on the part of the younger generation in the New Patriotic Party for more opportunities to serve in the second term of the Akufo-Addo administration have been thunderous in the last couple of days.


Young activists of the party believe, as part of the efforts at energising the party into 2024, there is the need for the infusion of more fresh blood to replace ‘the tired limbs’, especially those who had the chance to serve in various capacities in the previous Kufuor administration.


The belief on the part of the larger majority of party folk is that because of the very crucial nature of the 2024 general elections, some outside-the-box thinking and strategising are imperative in securing victory for the party.


Need for appreciation


While the results of the last elections were not what the NPP expected, we believe members of the party still need to appreciate their leaders for their modest effort, as they look forward to more ingenious ways of restructuring the party to deliver the most desirable electoral outcome in 2024.


Appreciation must therefore go to all national, regional, constituency and polling station executives who toiled day and night in trenches throughout the regions and constituencies to give the President the 500,000 vote margin.


In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on human activities, it must be admitted that the party leadership did the best they could do under the circumstances.


Strategic response


We believe what should be seen as very critical for the party now, and even the country as a whole, is how to prevent the NDC from coming into power in 2024 to derail the giant efforts being made to accelerate our national development agenda.


For the party to achieve this will partly depend on how it responds strategically to the current increasing calls from the youth for more opportunities to serve in the Akufo-Addo government. This is very critical for how they get motivated and re-energised for the battle ahead.


Calling for the infusion of more fresh blood, of course, does not imply that the party is ‘infected with dry bones’, or that inept young men should forcibly take the place of credible brains that can still guide the NPP’s armies into battle in 2024 and return victorious.


If we at the Daily Statesman understand that call, it only means that the party needs more mentoring programmes that would enable it generate succession plans as a strong and robust political organisation, and be a party of natural choice to Ghanaians.


Already, the President’s vision that has put Ghana on the map as a global player in attracting partnerships in business and development has proved a potent tonic that helped win the 2020 elections.


Heeding the call

That is why the party needs, as a matter of policy, to tap all latent talents and potential for grooming as a fillip for winning future elections and sustaining the NPP’s philosophy of ‘Development in Freedom’.


As we would admit, the call for the infusion of fresh blood is no new and strange noise. It is a reliving of the ideals of pioneers who, as young, emerging businesspeople, lawyers, opinion leaders, community patriots, among others, took up the mantle to fight to gain national independence.


With the impressive performance of some young people who served in the first term of the Akufo-Addo administration, we believe it will be in order for the appointing authority to give due consideration to the calls and offer more opportunities to the youth in the impending appointments.




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