Barely five days into the crucial 2020 general elections, John Mahama continues to wallow in his desperate political antics, ignoring his poor record of governance and stark incompetence and criminal-minded nature that has put a spotlight on him and his family for a corruption-related Airbus bribery scandal.

His lack of shine and unpreparedness for the oncoming elections is reflected in the inability of his party to raise a manifesto even when it was six months into a crucial election. They have even had to amend the manifesto five days into the elections. That was because he had no answer to the remarkable achievements of the Nana Akufo-Addo administration and the recognition his(Akufo-Addo) government has attained as a global partner in business and development, good governance and diplomacy.


That is against Mahama’s poor record even at sub-regional level, where he only comes across as a Ghanaian president who came in through sheer luck, as a result of the death of his boss.

How Mahama carried on from that point and the collapse of his government is now naked in the eyes of Ghanaians who saw the craftiness in him and sent him back into oblivion in an emphatic manner, as manifested in his crushing defeat in the 2016 general elections.

Like a bird without a song, Mahama has only days to pine away, waiting for the final nail in his coffin from a large cross-section of Ghanaians who see a huge difference in Mahama and the National Democratic Congress administration and that of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the NPP.

So, when we find John getting jittery and desperate, the signals are clear that he knows within himself the irrevocable fate awaiting the ‘Dead Goat’ that is beginning to acknowledge that the knife is real, after all.


Like former President JA Kufuor pointed out, a different story would have been told if the New Patriotic Party administration had abused the mandate given them by the thousand and one communities and constituencies in Ghana.

As the case truly is, President Akufo-Addo has more than performed to the expectation of Ghanaians. And that is reflected in the applause he receives from traditional and religious leaders as well as development partners and global businesses.

More importantly, the President has redeemed the nation from the mess John Mahama sent it into, in the estimation of the international community, particularly the World Bank, which has since supported Ghana in so many sectors of development in sustaining a post-COVID-19 growth.


With no legs to stand on, the only option left for greedy, dishonest Mahama is to pretend that nothing has happened in the last four years.

So, he would lie to the deepest pits of Hell that he is the one who initiated the Free SHS programme, even though the kids who are benefitting from the initiative recall him claiming that the initiative could not be executed anywhere in Ghana. Mahama went ahead to affirm his ignorance and lack of vision by sending emissaries to SHS schools to shoot down the idea.

Commitment and focus

With over 90 per cent of the campaign task credibly achieved, and Ghanaians having bought the message of hope the President and his Vice-President sold to Ghanaians, all NPP members and sympathisers must stay focused and committed, as they pray for life to see December 7, and send a resounding statement to the NDC that they have had enough of their irrelevant political presence in Ghana.

That is why they should support the call by their campaign team and party leadership to stay focused in the face of the Mahama and NDC excesses and lies as well as propaganda and veiled threats.

The important thing now is the commitment to show up that day and vote as well as help monitor the processes in contributing their quota towards credible, peaceful and free and fair elections.


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