Ketu North NDC kingpin leaves party few days to election

Goldenberg Wovenu

With barely 50 days into this year’s general elections, defections and resignations have been hitting the opposition National Democratic Congress in key constituencies, bringing to doubt the unity of the party.

The latest is the party’s Ketu North Deputy Constituency Youth Organiser, Goldenberg Wovenu. The resignation of the NDC kingpin in one of the party’s strongholds has come as a surprise to many, and has also come to cement the notion that the NDC is in turmoil, heading for a crash in the December 7 general election.

Mr Wovenu is reported to have resigned from the party over report of misunderstanding and disunity in the party.

The NDC youth organiser, who has served the party for 11 years, rising from the branch level to the constituency level, in a letter to the constituency chairman and secretary of the party, said “as the laws of our country allow the association of citizens to a political party by choice”, he has decided to resign from the party.

“It has been great working with you and lessons learnt will not be forgotten in a haste,” he stated in his resignation letter.

Personal decision

Confirming the decision to the Daily Statesman, Mr Wovenu stated that he resigned on reasons he would want to keep personal for now, saying he would make the reason public in a later date.

It is not clear whether he will be joining the governing New Patriotic Party or any other political party, but he confirmed that rescinding his decision to re-join the NDC is not an option on the table.


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