Rex Omar: VGMA only awards popular music

Rex Omar

The president of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), Rex Omar, has insisted that the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) is not a scheme that recognises musicians for their hard work and talent.

According to him, the awards scheme only recognises the work of musicians whose songs are popular in the country and nothing more.

Speaking in a media interview, Rex Omar said, “One thing we all have to realize is that VGMA is a popular award. What does it mean? It means that we can all record songs but regardless of how good your song is, if you don’t promote your music and make it popular, then no one will hear of your music and vote for you.”

“So winning an award at the VGMA doesn’t mean your music is special, it just means people heard your music and voted for you,” he added.


The highlife legend furthered that every musician nominated for the VGMA’s is a winner but those who took home awards on the night won it not because their songs were extraordinary or special but because their music was visible and more promoted.

“Award winners won at the VGMA because their songs were visible and that is why they were voted for and everyone should understand that,” he said.

Rex Omar, however, congratulated award winners for the night saying, “anyone who won an award merits it because if you were voted for you deserved to win it. I congratulate everyone who won an award.”

The annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards ended on Saturday in honour of various entertainers in the music industry.

The country’s most anticipated entertainment event was held virtually in respect of protocols to guard against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.



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