The earth abounds in all forms of resources in the same way nations abound in human capital, including lower, middle level and leadership acumen.

Particularly in Ghana, human resources, whether it is menial and technical or professional and academic, have never been lacking. That is why everywhere the Ghanaian finds himself, he shines – from Seychelles and Guinea-Bissau, through China and the Koreas to Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Too ordinary and tainted

But that is also why it surprises the global community to see the National Democratic Congress ‘recycling’ John Mahama as the presidential candidate of the NDC. This is because it has very little to remember him for, except his long hand in a deal that is still under investigation in London, and which involves a bribery scam that took place not only under his watch, but also with his alleged direct involvement.

His record is similarly worse in the estimation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which saw him drop Ghana’s appreciable growth rate that he inherited to a paltry three per cent, and a waste donor grants in an agricultural scam called SADA, intended at conning all the northern regions, former Brong-Ahafo and now Volta and Oti regions for political profit.

Africa Union/World Cup

Then John Mahama enters another wider space, which is the Chair of the Economic Community of West African States, and could not find pages of an important address he was supposed to be delivering to an august ECOWAS platform. Under pressure, he had to pretend to be speaking extempore, while the dignitaries had mercy on him by giving him the diplomatic clap to the clowning, which he exported to that serious, elevated platform.

Cutting a sorry picture of himself as a little mind, he did what only the Iddi Amins and Kutu Axcheampongs would do – sending cash to the Black Stars in faraway Brazil in cocoa sacks in a chartered aircraft, while he turns round several years to pay his former appointees, including a fading MP, to falsely accuse the governing New Patriotic Party of money-laundering in the sum of 26 million pounds, just to re-ignite a debate on the Agyapa Deal.


Very much aware about these peccadilloes and the incompetence of John Mahama for the elevated position of President in a nation as dignified as Ghana, they chose to ‘recycle’ him as if the NDC and Ghana were the same in dignity and international regard and recognition.

Of course, it is common knowledge that recycling is a principle of life in generating jobs and growing an economy, which is why we continue to recycle human, plastic, metal and other wastes to manage the ecology while managing our lives and livelihoods.

What, however, is damn untenable is the attempt by the NDC to foist on Ghana a John Mahama, after foisting such incompetent leadership on itself at their last congress, when Ghana already abounds so much human capital, including tried and tested leadership icons.


Only yesterday, the media reported that Ghana had scored another feat as a resilient economy, leading 46 African countries in economic growth, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why, in the light of such stark realities, the NDC wants Ghana ceded to the demolition fingers and long hands of John Mahama is a myth only the Johnson Asiedu Nketias, Ofosu Ampofos, Sammy Ablakwas and Sammy Gyamfis can understand.

The vexing question is what else John Mahama has under his sleeves that he forgot to do and why he thinks we must pamper him, by ceding the fortunes and sovereignty of the nation to him again.

While we urge the electorate to be circumspect about the Great Deception being sold them by the NDC, we would equally draw attention to a relevant message by William Shakespeare on the disease of political naiveté afflicting NDC apologists and communicators, apparatchiks and kingpins: “No, Caesar (Mahama) hath it not; but you honest Casca (Asiedu Nketia) and I, we have the falling sickness.”


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